KOLLAPS ‘Sibling Lovers’ Album Release

Australian industrial band KOLLAPS will release their new album ‘Sibling Lovers’ on Trait Records and Silken Tofu on Sept. 29. You can pre-order the new album now and stream the track “Suck,” below. The album was mastered for vinyl and digital formats by James Plotkin.

Per Trait:

Following 2015’s debut EP release Heartworm, Melbourne industrialists Kollaps have refined their restless brand of harsh DIY post-industrial noise…Conceptually, Sibling Lovers follows Heartworm as an exploration of individual sickness as a manifestation of a diseased modern society.

James Plotkin featured in ‘121 Mastering Tips from the Experts’

James Plotkin promo shot

James Plotkin

James Plotkin recently was featured in the article ‘121 Mastering Tips from the Experts.’, a resource for emerging DIY recording, mixing, mastering, and engineering professionals featured advice from Plotkin in the “Favorite Mastering Chains” and “Sage Advice” sections of the article.

A preview of Plotkin’s ‘Sage Advice’:

Remember that everyone hears things differently, and that your role is to help your client hear their recording the way they envision it.

Read the full article at

‘Master of None’ Receives Emmy Nods; Get the Soundtrack from Mondo

Master of None - Season 2 album coverAziz Ansari’s acclaimed comedy series “Master of None” received two Emmy nominations for its second season. The soundtrack is available from Mondo in partnership with Lakeshore Records and was mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

Ansari received am Emmy nod for Outstanding Lead Actor – Comedy and the Netflix series received a nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. Nominees were announced Thursday. July 13. Winners will be announced September 17 at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards.

The soundtrack, a double LP, is available on blue or black vinyl with art and design by Jay Shaw. From Mondo:

Aziz Ansari’s Netflix Original Series Master Of None has been critically acclaimed for various reasons, including its incredible use of music. The music of season one (which Pitchfork called “prolific and distinctive”) set the tone of Aziz’s character Dev, and his initial misadventures in New York. But season two’s narrative launch in Italy takes the soundtrack into equally distinct, if not more diverse musical directions.

Order “Master of None – Season 2” via the Mondo website.

JAWS Soundtrack Available for Pre-order from Mondo

JAWS vinyl soundtrack cover art by Phantom City Creative

JAWS vinyl soundtrack cover art by Phantom City Creative

John Williams’ classic score to JAWS is now available for pre-order from Mondo. The album was mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

The double album, pressed on 180 Gram Ocean Blue Vinyl (also available on black vinyl), will ship in late October.

The Mondo release is a historic one for soundtrack purists. From the company’s release announcement:

While the Grammy-winning 1975 MCA album was a re-recording, Mondo’s double vinyl set presents the entire Academy Award-winning score as composed and recorded for the actual film in its first-ever vinyl release. Album co-producer Mike Matessino restored, edited and mixed the music from the original studio elements for the best possible quality, approved by the composer himself.

Featuring chilling artwork by Phantom City Creative, the preorder for your inevitable Shark Week soundtrack is open now.

Mondo to Release ‘The Fifth Element’ Soundtrack on Vinyl

The Fifth Element LP cover artMondo will release the soundtrack to Luc Besson’s ‘The Fifth Element’ on vinyl for the first time on May 17 to commemorate the film’s twentieth anniversary. The album was mastered by James Plotkin.

The score, by Éric Serra, was remastered and will be released on an orange-striped vinyl as well as a limited edition (500 copy) “Super Green” version.

Mondo Record Label Manager Mo Shafeek described the release to The A.V. Club as “essential science fiction cinema.”

“Not only is the soundtrack responsible for a wildly vast tonal spectrum – you’d be hard pressed to name another film that bounces from comedic montage to straight-faced opera to action-adventure in the span of 15 minutes–but he makes it feel and sound effortless. It is a truly unique listening experience.”

The release will be be available to purchase on the Mondo website on Wednesday, May 17.