Damascus excerpt

Here's a few collaborations that didn't make it past the gel stage...the first being more of a cubase VST demonstration for Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Fantomas, etc) than an actual collaboration.

Close to a decade ago I was opening shows for Fantomas, and during a long drive Dave mentioned that he wanted to learn about digital audio workstations. I had a laptop with Cubase VST installed, and he had a CD-R of rough-mixes for a solo album of his drumming. I loaded up the track of his choice and put together this piece which also utilized some guitar recordings I had on the hard drive. Requests were made to simulate drum n bass style breaks. All this was done in the tour van, en route to the next gig. A few years later I was contacted by Mike Patton and was asked to take part in production on Lombardo's solo album. After accepting, I never heard about it again:

The next 2 tracks are from a collaboration between myself, Michael Gira (Swans, Angels of Light, etc) and Dan Matz (Windsor for the Derby). Plans had been made for a direct collaboration with Gira, and a few weeks before our scheduled start date he informed me that Dan would be joining us, and we would record at his space. Knowing Dan vaguely through his then-day-job at Kim's Underground in NYC, it was welcome news. After a week of initial recordings, I was silently phased out of the sessions and never told about it - even though the final release ("What We Did" by Gira/Matz on Young God Records) contained my tracking which I consider somewhat central to the finished pieces. I was credited with the work, but to this point (nearly a decade later) the promised financial compensation remains unpaid. Before I was (or more to the point, wasn't) telepathically fired from the sessions, I managed to rough-mix a few of the tracks. Here are 2 examples, in their skeletal form:

JODIS is the new band between myself, Aaron Turner (ISIS, Old Man Gloom, Lotus Eaters, etc), and Tim Wyskida (ex-Khanate, Blind Idiot God, etc).

The sound might be described as expansive, tonal, minimal, or all of the above.
It has been described to me as a more relaxed KHANATE, and a much heavier LOW.
To the right, an example to which you yourself can be the judge...
Our debut album will be released early 2009 on Hydra Head records.

JODIS - Continents
The KHLYST CD is now available for pre-order through HYDRA HEAD/Blue Collar Distro. Click HERE to place an order. I will have the CD available in the SHOP at the release date, but you can also order a limited T-shirt during the next week during the pre-order phase.
Click HERE for a different sample from the recording...
Khlyst - Kaos Er Mitt Navn IV
The PLOTKIN & WYSKIDA "8 Improvisations" CD on Archive is sold-out, sans a few copies we will have for sale at future performances. The disc consists of 8 pieces for guitar/drums spontaneously recorded and mixed over 2 days at the Khanate
rehearsal space in Times Square. We currently have 3 hours of new recordings that will hopefully bereleased in the not-too-
distant future. Check the Live Dates section for upcoming Plotkin & Wyskida performances...
With Anla Courtis (Reynols) and Kris McNeil, Buenos Aires 2005
Thanks to Keith Utech for re-releasing the KURTLANMAK cd-r as a lavishly packaged factory pressed CD. The reissue will include a set from the Decibel festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2005 titled DAMASCUS. A slight move away from guitar, Damascus consists of prepared/processed trumpets, gongs, and drumkit. Available by end of Summer 2006.