James Plotkin Announces Release of ‘Inevitable Archives: 1991-1998’

From James:

I’ve completed transferring over 100 hours of unreleased recordings from my DAT archives – I will be periodically releasing these archives on Bandcamp for download by any interested parties. They mainly consist of home recordings from 1991-1998 across various styles/genres, as well the odd tracks/demos from past projects (Joy of Disease, Flux, Phantomsmasher, etc).

Here’s a sampler of some of the material I’ve unearthed. These 4 tracks will be part of 2 separate archival releases. One will be an extended release of guitar-based recordings, the other of more rhythmic compositions. I would suggest waiting for the full releases if you plan on purchasing a download.

There is a possibility of a few short vinyl runs if the interest exists.

Visit James Plotkin’s Bandcamp site to listen to and download the tracks. Updates on additional releases and back catalog vinyl and CD sales will be posted on this site.