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HEXA Soundtrack David Lynch’s ‘Factory Photographs’

HEXAFactory Photographs, the soundtrack by HEXA to David Lynch’s 2015 Between Two Worlds exhibit, will be released Nov. 3 by ROOM40.  The album was mastered for digital and vinyl formats by James Plotkin.

Commissioned by the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art, the album was conceived as an aural reflection of the gritty, industrial, and abrasive themes of the photographs that make up Lynch’s Factory Photographs series. HEXA is comprised of composer Lawrence English and Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart.

“Sledge,” a track from the album, is available to stream via The Creators Project.

Horseback’s ‘Dead Ringers’ Now Available on Relapse Records

Horseback - 'Dead Ringers' album artJenks Miller’s latest Horseback album, ‘Dead Ringers’ was released August 12 on Relapse Records. The album was mastered for all formats by James Plotkin.

In a recent Noisey interview (where the album is also available to stream), Miller describes ‘Dead Ringers’ as a collision between electronic music and punk.

There’s something about the moment when early electronic music started bleeding over into punk that still feels very eerie and unnerving to me. Almost wrong. That’s where Dead Ringers is coming from.

Purchase ‘Dead Ringers’ on vinyl, CD or digital download via Bandcamp.


Death Waltz and Mondo Release ‘Synchronicity’ and ‘Dead Ringers’ Vinyl

'Synchronicity' transparent blue with black vinyl.

‘Synchronicity’ transparent blue with black vinyl.

Death Waltz and Mondo have the given deluxe vinyl treatment to two recently released soundtracks: Ben Lovett’s electro sci-fi score for Synchronicty (Death Waltz/Lakeshore Records) and the Howard Shore / David Cronenberg classic, Dead Ringers. Both releases were mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

Featuring artwork by Jay Shaw, the Synchronicity soundtrack is available on 180 gram ‘Into The Void ‘ colored vinyl (Transparent blue with solid black color in color effect).

Dead Ringers, which Mondo describes as “hauntingly symphonic, and bittersweet” is now available for the first time on vinyl. Accentuated with surgically sterile velvet overtones in the artwork by Randy Ortiz, the album is presented on 180 gram translucent red vinyl.

Both Dead Ringers and Synchronicty are on sale now via Mondo.

'Dead Ringers' gatefold artwork by Randy Ortiz

‘Dead Ringers’ gatefold artwork by Randy Ortiz.



Slomatics Debut Video for Forthcoming Album

Belfast’s heaviest band Slomatics will be releasing their new album Future Echo Returns in September on Black Bow Records, and they’ve released a video of the track “Electric Breath” to make it known that you should be pretty damn psyched for the release. The video was created by Dermot Faloon, the album was recorded and mixed by Conan’s Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studios in Cheshire and mastered for CD and LP by James Plotkin.

You can preorder the album HERE, and be sure to check out the video below…


ALIEN Day at Mondo is 4/26

If you worship the Alien franchise like we do here at Plotkinworks, you’ll want to head over to the Mondo website to have a look at the fantastic things they’ll be releasing for Alien Day. Items include an amazing batch of new silkscreened posters, various apparel, a new variant of the Aliens 2LP original motion picture soundtrack, and the debut release of the Prometheus original motion picture soundtrack on vinyl. Both the Aliens and Prometheus releases have been mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

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